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Helping Shopify Merchants Grow Revenue and Profit

With our unwavering commitment to helping Shopify merchants grow their revenue and profit, we offer a diverse range of cutting-edge apps designed to optimize your e-commerce success.

At Profit labs, we understand the unique challenges faced by Shopify entrepreneurs, and we are dedicated to providing top-tier applications that address these pain points head-on. Our team of experienced developers and industry experts work tirelessly to create feature-rich apps that streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and drive conversions.

Industries We Serve

DTC — eCommerce — Viral Brands

Problems we focus on

Grow average order value per customer.

With ever increasing customer acquisition costs (CAC), it becomes business critical for business to focus on increasing revenue per custoemr, bundle products are industry standard solution to increasing the average order value and we focus on creating the most convinient tool for merchants to execute this.

Bring Merchant in control to execute their product strategy.

Our products are robust and versatile tools in hands of striving entrepreneurs to execute their vision and test out various product startegies they have in mind.

Synergy across the existing app stack

We totally understand the each merchant is unique and in order to simplyfy business operations they are already using a galaxy of useful apps, so when we designed our products we make sure that it integrates across the app stack by default.

Our Solutions

Profit Bundle, Gift box & Kits.

Sell “Bundle as products” , which simply means you can add them to your collections, create ads exactly targeting the product, while also including them in your upsell funnels, Review apps which makes them really effective and very high converting. For Ease of Fulfillment, App sends bundle composition details to your 3PL like Deliverr, Shipbob or to your WMS, ERP or any other Order Fulfillment / Dropshipping Apps.

Sync Inventory GoGo

Don't stress everyday with Manual Inventory tracking. Copying and Pasting Inventories. Experience new hassle-free automated robust stock sync for the busy entrepreneurs. Some useful scenarios if you have shared Inventory Across Several of products like Custom Products or if you need to Sync Inventory between stores i.e multi store Connected Inventory or Same SKU Priced differently for retail and Wholesale

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Profit Labs is a remote company headquartered in New Delhi, India
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